About C&C Naxus


So what makes CCNaxus different from other Construction Companies?

Tight connection between design and operations teams

The principal foundation of operations established by founder Carlos Castillo, creates a tight connection between our design and operations teams.  CCNaxus has in-house architectural and structural design teams.  We specialize in designing functional and cost effective designs with direct input from our operations team.  This collaborative effort maximizes living space functionality while streamlining the development of your project.  The end result is a reduction in development time, the cost to complete your project, and the ability to make best use of living space.

Improving your home’s functionality and increasing its worth

CCNaxus has experts in each of the major trades of construction which minimizes the need for sub contractors, while ensuring a more accurate development of conceptual designs, improving your home’s functionality and increasing its worth. This process allows the project manager to operate within budget, while keeping you informed of each phase within the project timeline.

Open communication gives you control and peace of mind during the entire project

Every project manager works within the CCNaxus guidelines of open communication with the customer. Project managers and clients meet frequently to discuss project progression, providing the customer with an extensive knowledge of the overall project status. This eliminates questions and concerns as you will be part of the overall process from start to finish. Keeping you informed of timelines, progress, and budget levels eliminates surprises and gives you control and peace of mind during the entire project.

The only corners we cut are the angles of the wood

CCNaxus never cuts corners to save money. Many construction companies will cut small corners to maximize their profit. We understand the value of quality construction and realize that cutting corners will only depreciate the quality of our work, and ultimately our reputation. We operate in each and every project as though we were working for our own families and friends. We take pride in our work and our first priority is quality results, not our bottom line.

We live and work by a certain set of constant standards in order to succeed:

  • We are always courteous & considerate;
  • Site cleanliness is important so we treat your home like it's our own;
  • We firmly believe that communication is golden;
  • and we always put honesty and ethics above profit.

We are always surprised, but appreciative, when our clients are so impressed with these standards in action. That's just how we do business, and how we interact in life.

Our Standards

  • On target . . . we listen so we know exactly what you want!

    We keep you informed weekly regarding porgress and budget so their are NO surprises!

  • We work 6 days a week in an efficient manner to meet our deadlines.

    We know projects can change, so we inform you of deadline updates based on modifications so you know what to expect.

My Commitment to You


The thing I love most about my job is the relationships I develop with my customers. It is a business, but I get to do it with great people.

Carlos Castillo

Owner / Operator

Our Principles

We know home improvement projects are serious business. That's why we apply the following principles to help you have a pleasant and unstressful experience.

  • Courteous & considerate crew
  • Daily cleanliness is important
  • Communication is gold
  • Honesty and ethics over profit

Our Professional Network


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